You sign up

Your commitment - and the commitment of others - makes the project possible

Community Solar is one of the first opportunities for hundreds of local residential utility customers to participate in larger renewable generation projects.  All we ask of you is your commitment, by signing our agreement, to participate in the project.

we build

We do all the work to design, build and connect the project - and maintain it in the future

In the meantime, we construct the project.  You don't need to pay anything - or do anything else - while the project is being built.  That means no money down, no impact to your roof, and no administrative hassles with your utility to get set up.

you save!

When the project goes live, it generates credits that appear automatically on your bill

Community Solar programs can vary, but they all provide a way for credits to appear directly on your bill once the project starts to generate electricity.  In return for these credits, we will invoice you - at a discount - for the credits you receive.  You save the difference!