Community Solar is a new offering, and it's still evolving across the United States.  It can seem complex at first, but our customers have discovered that learning more pays off in savings and support for local solar.

We recommend you start with our Frequently Asked Questions, but the links below will also provide more background on community solar, states in which we're active and renewables in general.

Most importantly, don't hesitate to reach out.  We're always happy to tell people more and build support for this exciting offering! 


Community Solar - General

The US Department of Energy has a very helpful Community Solar FAQ page with general info

Syncarpha has been an active participant in the National Community Solar Partnership.

State-Specific Resources

Massachusetts customers can learn more through the Department of Public Utilities'  Net Metering FAQs

New York customers can learn more on NYSERDA's Shared Solar page


Other Solar Links

The Solar Energy Industries Association consistently publishes helpful solar studies and resources

And EnergySage, in partnership with the DoE, provides a useful Solar FAQs page

Renewable Energy Information

For the latest renewable energy news, check out Greentech Media

DSIRE and the NREL both publish more detailed information about nation-wide renewable trends


Note:  clicking on the above links will take you to external sites; we are not responsible for the content, accuracy, or completeness of any of the information on those sites, nor do we specifically endorse any of them.


still have questions?

Have you gone through our Frequently Asked Questions and the links above, but still have questions?  Or do you just want to talk out your situation, with someone who can help figure out if community solar is right for you?

We're here to help.

We are deep in the details but also understand that community solar can be confusing - so we are always happy to spend time answering your questions, telling you more about us and our company, or helping you get started saving money and supporting local solar today! 

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