Syncarpha Community Solar

A community-based solar solution for homeowners and renters to support local clean energy at no upfront cost


Community Solar

Community solar is the green energy alternative for homeowners and renters to support solar and realize significant long-term savings by subscribing to a local, shared solar farm at no upfront cost.

With Syncarpha community solar, you avoid the hassle and large upfront costs of installing and maintaining solar panels on your property. Instead, you will receive a share of our developed solar projects' production on your electric bill in the form of clean energy credits, saving you up to 10-15% every month.

Within a couple minutes, you can join over 8,000 of our neighbors in our support towards clean renewable energy while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Learn more.

Your Benefits Include

No upfront cost to join

Guaranteed savings for 20 years

Support local clean energy

Avoid rooftop panel installation

$50 gift card upon sign up

Flexible cancellation terms 



Central Maine Power customers

Cancel anytime with 90-day notice

≈15% savings


National Grid customers

Cancel anytime with 6-month notice

≈10% savings


XCel Energy customers

Cancel anytime with 90-day notice

≈10% savings


"I have been very happy with the cost savings and the solar farm itself (I live nearby) but I have been EXTREMELY impressed by the personal attention of everyone with whom I have interacted at Syncarpha...they all go above and beyond to make me feel as if I am their only client."

- Susan M.

Massachusetts (National Grid)


Ready To Join Community Solar With Syncarpha?

Please fill out some basic info to begin your clean energy journey. As you continue your registration, you'll have to enter your utility account number and energy usage information so we can determine the right amount of the solar project to allocate to your bill.


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