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About Us

We have been making long-term commitments to solar and the communities we serve since 2009.

We are excited to have the opportunity to make that same commitment to you.

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Syncarpha Capital started in 2009 with a goal of being developers and long-term owners of distributed renewable energy projects. Since then, we have worked closely with local developers, construction companies, electricians and others to do our part to help solar grow. We continue to focus on working closely with the communities we serve. 

Our initial customers were larger (e.g., towns, municipalities, and the like).  For example, we helped towns like North Adams, MA "go 100% solar powered" with the help of our project, built on an otherwise unusable capped landfill. Our long-term agreement with the town of Leominster, MA provides enough energy annually to offset almost 6 million pounds of coal burned. And our agreement with the town of Andover saves the "carbon equivalent" of nearly 5,000 acres of forest each year.

In all cases, in addition to helping the environment, in return for a long-term commitment to our projects, these towns are realizing significant long-term savings on their energy bills, as well.

Community Solar gives us the opportunity to bring these kinds of savings and environmental benefits to residential customers like you. Please browse our site, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: or 888-55-SOLAR


By Andrew Massyn

What's In A Name?

We named our company Syncarpha to reflect our mission: investing in renewable energy. Syncarpha is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the sunflower family more commonly known as "the everlasting," pictured here.

Our Company

Our Process


You Join

Your commitment - and the commitment of others - makes the project possible. Community Solar is one of the first opportunities for hundreds of local residential utility customers to participate in larger renewable generation projects.


We Build

We do all the work to design, build and connect the project - and maintain it in the future. You don't need to pay anything upfront - or do anything else - while the project is being built. That means no money down, no impact to your roof, and no administrative hassles with your utility to get set up.


You Save

Community Solar programs can vary, but they all provide a way for credits to appear directly on your bill once the project starts to generate electricity. In return for these credits, we will bill you - at a discount - for the credits you receive. You save the difference!

Clean Energy Savings Directly On Your Electric Bill

Find A Community Solar Project Near Me

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