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Community solar is a growing renewable energy program that allows homeowners, renters and businesses to receive the environmental and economic benefits of solar energy by simply subscribing to a local community solar farm.


Rather than residents having to install solar panels on their rooftops, many of whom aren't eligible to do so, this community-based solar model opens the door for most residents to receive a share of the solar production we produce from our locally developed solar farms.

We recommend you start with our Frequently Asked Questions, but the links below will also provide more background on community solar, states in which we are active and renewables in general.


Syncarpha Community Solar Summary


Our shared community solar farms produce clean solar power into the power grid. You subscribe to a local project and receive a share of its production at no upfront cost.

Your electricity provider rewards you with credits on your bill for the solar we produce for you based on your share. These credits reduce what you pay on your electric bill.

You pay Syncarpha 10-15% less than what your utility charges for your credits. You save up to 15% on your electric bill every month while reducing your carbon footprint.

How Syncarpha Community Solar Works

Syncarpha finances, develops, and maintains solar farms in your area that supply clean solar power into the power grid. When you subscribe, we allocate a share of our project to you based on your electricity usage. You, along with hundreds of other subscribers on a specific project, will each receive a credit directly on your electric bill which lowers your payment to your utility with the goal to offset your charges. 


We size your share within our project by analyzing your annual electricity usage. While you wait for your project to "go live" or start receiving credits, you will see no changes to your electric bill and we will promptly inform you when you should expect to see these credits on your bill.

Once live, you will receive two monthly statements - one from us and one from your utility provider. Our statement reflects credits based on your solar production, which you pay at a fixed 10-15% discount, resulting in guaranteed savings for the entirety of project.

If the value of your credits is larger than your electricity usage, then the credits will be rolled over to the next month - and you continue to save money.