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Community Solar is a new offering, and it's still evolving across the United States. It may seem "too good to be true", but our thousands of customers have been satisfied with their monthly savings and support for clean renewable energy.

We recommend you start with our Frequently Asked Questions, but the links below will also provide more background on community solar, states in which we're active and renewables in general.

Most importantly, don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to help you understand and benefit with our Community Solar Program. 


Community Solar


Community Solar simplifies the process for most people to gain access to the many benefits of Solar Energy through large, centralized Solar Farms. People can reserve a share of a nearby Solar Farm - which we determine for you based on your current electricity usage - connected to the existing grid - which in turn saves you 10-15% on their electric bill while supporting renewable energy efforts.


This community model gives people the ability to receive the benefits of solar energy without installing panels to their homes, investing large upfront costs, or incurring ongoing maintenance fees.


How Community Solar Works

Syncarpha finances, develops, and maintains solar farms in your area that supply clean solar power into the power grid. You subscribe to join our solar farms, your share is determined based on your electricity usage, and you are automatically credited the value of the solar electricity produced. Then you pay for the credits you received at a 10-15% discount (depending on your state), saving you money every month!

While waiting for a new project to "go live", you will see no changes towards your current Utility Provider bill. We do all the work for you - allocating the percentage of your electricity use to a proper portion of each Solar Farm.

Once live, you will receive two monthly statements - one from us, and one from your Utility Provider. Our statement reflects Credits based on your solar production, which you pay at a fixed 10-15% discount to those Credits. Your Credits are applied to your Utility bill, and you pay the remaining balance - which saves you money.

If the value of your Credits is larger than your electricity usage, then the Credits will be rolled over to the next month - and you continue to save money.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information



Click Here to start the sign-up process. It only takes a few minutes and we will handle the rest for you.


We connect your current Utility to our local solar field with no changes to your Utility at all.


You start receiving monthly credits based on your share of solar production, saving you money effortlessly.

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There are many reasons consumers are interested in solar power today; to save money on high utility bills, to help our environment, and to support local, independent energy generation.

Interest in solar continues to grow at an amazing rate, but studies have shown that up to 4 in 5 residential customers are unable or unwilling to put solar on their homes. 

The reasons people can't "go solar" are as varied as our customers; families may not want to make the significant up-front investment, their roofs may be older or may not face in the right direction or may be too shady, or homeowners simply may not like how the panels look on their homes.

Community Solar is your way to "Support Solar - and Save!"


With no up-front investment and no equipment to own, install or maintain on your home, you can directly support local solar projects in and around your community, help our environment by replacing fossil fuel plants - and save a significant amount of money over the long-term!

Starting our Community Solar Sign-Up process is simple - simply click here to view our available projects in your Utility zone and create your free account with us.