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"I have been very happy with the cost savings and the solar farm itself (I live nearby) but I have been EXTREMELY impressed by the personal attention of everyone with whom I have interacted at Syncarpha...they all go above and beyond to make me feel as if I am their only client."

- Susan M.

Massachusetts (National Grid)


No Upfront Cost To Join


Avoid Rooftop Installation


Save Up to 15% On Electricity


Support Local Clean Energy

Cancel Anytime - 90 Day Notice


Earn $50 Gift Card Upon Sign Up

New Green Energy Option
On Your Central Maine Power Account

Whether you're a homeowner or renter, Central Maine Power customers are encouraged to take advantage of Community Solar, a renewable energy program (supported by the Maine Office of the Public Advocate) that allows you to join a local solar farm at no upfront cost, and receive discounted solar credits on your monthly CMP bill, lowering your payment by up to 15%.
This is your opportunity to support Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard goal of securing 100% of its energy from renewables by 2050 while reducing your electricity costs without incurring any upfront costs or having to install solar panels on your roof.

How It Works


Our shared community solar farms produce clean solar power into the Central Maine Power grid. You avoid the expense & hassle of installing solar panels on your roof.

Central Maine Power rewards you with credits on your bill for the electricity we produce for you. These credits reduce what you pay to Central Maine Power.


You pay Syncarpha 15% less than what Central Maine Power charges for your credits. You're saving up to 15% on your electric bill guaranteed every single month.


Act Now - Limited Availability


Click Here to start the sign-up process. It only takes a few seconds and we will determine your share of panels from previous electric usage.


We connect your CMP Account to our local community solar farm for free; you will be notified when the project goes live.


You start receiving monthly credits on your CMP bill based on your solar production which you pay for at a 15% discount!


The metrics shown above are based on the expected annual generation of this project and derived from the EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator at

Get access to your own

personalized savings portal

Track your:

- Monthly solar electricity savings

- Monthly solar production (kWh)

- Environmental impact

- Accumulated referral earnings

- Online billing & customer service


State of Maine Office of the Public Advocate supports Community Solar

Frequently asked questions

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a way for many qualified consumers to participate in the financial benefits produced by a single, larger solar project in or near their community, instead of installing systems on their rooftop or property.

While the mechanics differ by state, the main idea of Community Solar is that customers are able to participate directly in the production of a specific, independent, local solar project and realize immediate savings on their utility bills, with no up-front costs, nothing installed on their rooftops, and no back-end costs or equipment removal.

Who is Community Solar for?

Community Solar is for homeowners, renters, and businesses who want to support clean, local, green energy and save significant, long-term energy costs, but can't (or don't want to) install solar panels on their roof.

Studies have shown that up to 80% of consumers cannot install panels on their rooftops, for a variety of reasons: the initial up-front costs may be too high, their roofs may not face the right direction (or may not have the right pitch), or they rent their homes.

Community Solar offers these customers (Central Maine Power customers) a way to support local solar projects by independent developers - and to start saving money immediately on their utility bills with no up-front cost!

Why should I do this?

Community Solar offers three very tangible benefits that appeal to a broad range of electric customers: Save money from the start, with no up-front or back-end costs: Community Solar customers begin realizing savings as soon as a project goes live Support renewable, local energy: Community Solar is a unique way for customers who can't own their own rooftop system to support renewable energy in their community Increase energy independence: Community Solar is a way for consumers to promote independent energy projects, "localize" energy supply and further diversify our energy mix beyond traditional utility offerings

How does it work?

Each month, you will be allocated a percentage of the output of a specific Community Solar project. Your utility will translate this output into credits that appear directly on your utility bills.

At the same time, you'll also receive a bill from Syncarpha, for payments for those credits - but at a discount.

The difference between the credits you receive on your utility bill and the bill you receive from us for discounted credits will equal your savings each month.

Does it cost me anything upfront?

No! Once we've worked with you to determine whether you qualify, you simply need to sign our agreement and wait for the project to "go live."

When the project does start operating, you'll start to see savings on your utility bills. After that, you simply pay us for the credits you've received each month.

How can that work? That's sounds too good to be true!

We understand that "no money down" and going solar with no up-front investment both sound too good to be true. So how does it work? Think of it as buying a gift card to use on your utility bill, but you buy the gift card at a discount, Saving you money every month! Simply put, your commitment to buy the credits - at a discount - makes the project possible, as we can build with confidence that we have enough customers and revenues committed to support our project for the long-term. We're able to offer the credits at a discount, because having everyone participating together allows for economies of scale that we pass along to you. Community solar is a real-life example of people banding together to increase the potential benefits for all. Our Resources pageprovides even more information on how it works.

What if I get more credits than I can use in a month?

Solar generation varies, and Community Solar programs are designed to reflect the chance that some months you may get more credits than you can use - in these cases, credits can be "banked," to be used in months where your usage and utility bill is higher than the value of your Community Solar credits.

For example, in Massachusetts, these credits can be "banked" indefinitely.

Note that we'll work with you when you sign up to make sure that your Community Solar "credit allocation" makes sense relative to your total annual energy usage.

What about when the sun doesn't shine? Does it cost me money in the winter, cloudy days, etc.?

Even on cloudy days and during the winter months, solar energy is still produced, just at a lower rate. During those months, you simply won't receive as large a credit as you might receive during sunnier months. Remember - you haven't paid anything up front and only pay - at a discount - as credits are produced and allocated to your account.

What if I move?

Moves happen - we get that. While our agreements will differ by state and by community solar program, in all cases, we provide flexibility for customers who need to move. For Central Maine Power customers, just give us a 90-day notice.

If you move locally, your Community Solar credits and savings move with you! And if you move outside the service area, you can transfer your credits to someone else or cancel the agreement - we'll help you decide which works best.

Do I own a specific solar panel?

No. We try to keep Community Solar simple and accessible for as many people as we can - as a result, participants do not own a specific panel or a share or ownership interest in our projects, as those kinds of agreements can get very complicated, quickly (as they could start to lead to a whole range of expensive legal and regulatory requirements).

Instead, you and a limited number of others will simply participate in the project's output each month by receiving a pre-determined percentage of production translated into a credit on your utility bill.

However, you will be able to track your participation online - and see how much you're saving and how much your participation is contributing to the growth of solar and the greening of your community!

Will Syncarpha become my Utility or Electric Provider?

No. Community Solar projects generate credits for consumers, not electricity. Community Solar does not replace your utility or your competitive electric provider (if you have one).

Instead, Community Solar is a separate arrangement between you and us.

You will still need to maintain an electric utility account and a connection to the electric distribution system.

Sounds great! Am I eligible?

In general, most homeowners, renters, and businesses connected with Central Maine Power are eligible to join our Community Solar farms.

Our online form can help you start to determine if you qualify. Please go through our registration process or contact us to learn more, and we can guide you through it.
We will help you determine if you're eligible for one or more of our projects.



Please fill in your email to stay connected with us and continue to learn about all your benefits when you join our solar community or reach out to our dedicated customer support team.


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